Why use liquid bulk containers rather than stainless steel food tanks?

Unlike stainless steel food tanks, disposable liquid bulk containers are only used once. 

Liquid Bulk Containers Reduce Contamination

By using liquid bulk containers instead of stainless steel food tanks, you eliminate the chance of your product being cross-contaminated by other batches. With liquid bulk containers, no air is introduced during the filling cycle with EZ-SET.  The food-grade bag liners have no air into the start so that means no air is needed to vent out like a stainless tank. This makes your product even less likely to be contaminated and provides a clean delivery of finished goods to the end-user.  

Liquid Bulk Containers Keep Products Intact

For light-sensitive products, the sealed EZ-SET disposable liquid bulk containers keep light out as well so the liquid stays intact for storage, transport, and draining purposes.  Also, cross-contamination is eliminated by using liquid bulk containers as every EZ-SET liquid bulk container is clean and you don't have to worry if the cleaning protocol of a stainless tank was followed properly from one stainless tank to another.

Liquid Bulk Containers Save Money

Also, stainless steel food tanks are very expensive and require a large investment on behalf of the processor.  Liquid bulk containers can be purchased as needed and when needed based upon the time of year and customers’ needs so you eliminate the costly capital investment associated with stainless containers.  You can respond quickly to customer needs, last-minute contracts, and quicker production turnaround with liquid bulk containers rather than using rigid stainless tanks to fulfill your customer's orders.  

Liquid Bulk Containers Save Space

In the space of two stainless tanks, you can fit 14 empty EZ-SET liquid bulk tanks which arrive collapsed flat as shown in the photo above.  1 person can easily assemble EZ-SET liquid bulk containers within 1 minute and you are filling the product.  Several EZ-SET units can be staged and assembled ahead of time for conveyor-type operations where high throughput is required and demanded.  All of the liquid bulk containers manufactured by Paper Systems increases production space and improve throughput and efficiency.

Liquid Bulk Containers Collapsed Flat Saving Warehouse Space