Chemical liquid tote containers

Over 25 years ago Paper Systems' humble beginnings were in the specialty chemicals and coatings markets. Chemical containers for liquids have manufacturers are looking for creative solutions to lower emissions, lower recycling costs, and eliminate disposal fees. Paper Systems product lines deliver the answer.

Chemical containers come in a variety of solutions from Paper Systems to solve packaging challenges in today's industrial markets. Cross contamination is eliminated as a new plastic bag liner has 100% traceability and compliance with BRC certified food safe bulk packaging from Paper Systems. No more skinning, caking, or drying out of liquid material inside the liquid bag liner as the entire evacuation process can take place without breaking the seal of the bag liner. Unlike rigid bottle in a cage or 55 gallon metal drum packaging which must be vented in order to drain otherwise a vacuum is caused not allowing good evacuation to occur either through gravity or pump assistance. Our liquid bulk packaging helps eliminate those issues and solves production headaches by making throughput higher, quality better, and logistics easier. Call today to solve your liquid bulk packaging problems tomorrow!