Bulk liquid packaging solutions

Guaranteed to LOWER YOUR PACKAGING COSTS up to 43%

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EZ-BULK Saves you money!
  • EZ-BULK® on average is up to 43% less expensive than other corrugated IBC'S in the market and less than half the cost of rigid containers in the marketplace.
  • EZ-BULK® takes one person, one minute to assemble.
  • EZ-BULK® takes up to 90% less warehouse space when empty vs. rigid containers or drums.

EZ-BULK® Saves You Money!

EZ-BULK® saves on initial cost, warehouse space, inbound & outbound freight, and labor costs. EZ-BULK® arrives flat and takes up to 90% less space than rigid containers or drums. EZ-BULK® will double stack in your warehouse when filled freeing up space which equals money. Start putting money back in your pocket today with EZ-BULK®.

The EZ-BULK® tote system uses fewer raw materials in its design, so right away our costs are lower. The light tare weight of our containers allows more products to be shipped per truckload, inbound and outbound, drastically reducing your shipping costs. And since our products are recyclable and disposable, return freight costs are completely eliminated.

8 drums at 55 gallons = 440 gallons vs. 42qty EZ-BULK® at 11,550 gallons.

EZ-BULK® vs. the Competition

  EZ-BULK® Leading Competitors Rigid Containers
Price Big Savings Cost 50% more Costs 75% more
Strength Same Same Same
Assembly 1 min., 1 person 3-10 min., 1-2 people 3+ min., 1+ people
Warehouse Space Big savings Twice as much space 5 times as much space
In-Bound Freight 200 units/truck 108 units/truck 40-44 units/truck
Tare weight w/pallet 115 pounds 180-220 pounds 220-500 pounds
Net Product per trailer load 42,000 pounds 40,500 pounds 37,520 pounds
Conversion from rigid Easy, no cost Costly & takes time -
Disassembly 30 seconds 5 minutes Impossible
Recyclability Yes Yes Costly
Source Reductiveness Up to 93% 25-50% None
Biodegradability Yes Yes No
Sight Gauges Yes None Sometimes

Liquid Bulk Packaging Opportunity

The savings to our customers can be astonishing. EZ-BULK® can provide up to a 75% cost savings over conventional containers and an astounding 80% savings in storage space.

Start saving money with EZ-BULK® today.