Here is how to use liquid shipping containers to transport products

Liquid packaging solutions come in various styles.  Paper Systems manufacturers liquid shipping containers that have a polyethylene blend plastic tote liner inside a cardboard box. These types of totes transport non-hazardous products.  Paper Systems has manufactured liquid shipping container solutions for over 25 years as one of the leading pioneers in the industry to be eco-friendly, source reductive, save freight while being of the highest quality and cost-effective tote container producer in North America.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Reusable ISO Tanks

Since ISO tanks are reusable, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before they are filled with a new batch of products. They also need to be hauled back to their original location after they are shipped. 

Disposable liquid shipping containers are only used once, so they do not need to be shipped back to their original location. The truck can be used to haul a new item on the return trip or more shipping totes to gain higher efficiencies.

Saves Labor

Bulk liquid containers are packaged and ready for distribution more easily than 55-gallon drums. 55-gallon drums only hold 16% capacity of a 330-gallon disposable liquid bulk tote so more labor and more pallets have to be used to transport, store, and handle the drums. Paper Systems’ disposable liquid storage totes range from 110-330 gallons. These bulk container solutions can be loaded, transported, and unloaded in less time because you are able to handle more products in less time while eliminating the need for repackaging and adding labor to the process compared to drums.

Faster Filling and Faster Empty Time

Since liquid storage totes are larger than 55-gallon drums, the overall time to drain multiple containers is less. You do not waste time-draining multiple barrels. It only takes 20 minutes to drain a large 330-gallon liquid shipping container compared to about an hour for the equivalent volume of six 55 gallon barrels. Also, there is less of a possibility of contamination since your changeovers are reduced by 83% by draining off one 330 gallon tote vs. 6 of the 55-gallon drums.

Easier to Track

Since you use fewer disposable liquid containers than drums, they are easier to trace. The truth is simple, it is easier to track and log one IBC shipping container vs. keeping track of six 55 gallon drums. Also, liquid storage totes product line EZ-SET comes in square and rectangular shape which maximizes space and weight in transport more efficiently than drums giving you 20% more shipping capacity than drums. 

Saves Warehouse Space

The benefits continue as the disposable totes arrive completely flat saving 80% warehouse space vs drums.  The bulk container liners arrive compact in food-grade secured packaging as well.  In today’s market inbound freight and warehouse, space costs continue to climb so any space savings on a truck or in a warehouse is worthy of any manufacturer’s attention to help improve their bottom line profits.

Liquid bulk shipping containers save warehouse space