What makes corrugated cardboard so earth-friendly?

Paper Systems corrugated material is environmentally friendly.  The multi-wall cardboard is earth-friendly and very source reductive being made from renewable raw material sources. Cardboard is made from green earth resources. At Paper Systems, we make our liquid bulk shipping containers out of corrugated cardboard. Once you finish using a liquid shipping container, just recycle it. Choosing a liquid bulk shipping container made of corrugated cardboard lowers the cost of disposing of the bulk container and lowers your company’s carbon footprint. 

In addition, Paper Systems bulk liquid liners are made from recyclable plastic, which is great for the environment. They can only ship non-hazardous liquids and are an excellent choice for food-grade applications. It is good to know that the bulk liquid liners completely eliminate cross-contamination.

Paper Systems works exclusively with corrugated cardboard resources that comply with Green Earth regulations and use responsible tree harvesting practices. Contact Paper Systems today!

Cardboard totes are user friendly and earth friendly