Bulk liquid totes for de-icing fluid

Paper Systems has a wide range of experience and over 25 years of transporting a wide variety of de-icing fluids. EZ-BULK liquid bulk containers can transport de-icing fluid across town or across the country. Labor saving in the form of shipping the equivalent of 6 drums that normally take 1 1/2 pallets can fit on a single 330 gallon EZ-BULK pallet. Load trucks quicker with less time and effort while taking up less warehouse space. Rather than shipping 20 or 22 skids worth of drums you can still maximize the truck weight out with only 16* of the EZ-BULK disposable totes. Loading and unloading of trucks is instantly reduced by 20% - 30% (*depending on product density). Avoid demurrage fees or unloading delays associated with drum shipments and use EZ-BULK liquid IBC containers. Call today and we will help you find a perfect fit for your disposable liquid intermediate bulk container needs.

Filling EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Fill fitment on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Filling EZ-BULK intermediate bulk container with 2" fill fitment on food grade inner bag liner.

Lid installed on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Banding EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Final assembly and banding of the EZ-BULK disposable tote for either storage or shipment.