liquid transport containers for cutting fluids

Paper Systems has a wide range of experience and years of transporting a variety of cutting fluids for over 25 years. Helping companies throughout save money on inbound freight, warehouse space, and overall warehouse logistics all add up to the bottom line. EZ-BULK disposable totes help keep companies competitive in today's business environment. EZ-BULK liquid tote's carbon friendly design allows to lower disposable and reduce overall carbon footprint of any company trying to be environmentally conscious both today and in the future.

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Filling EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Fill fitment on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Fill an EZ-BULK disposable bulk container quickly through a standard 2 inch fill fitment.

Lid installed on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Banding EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Final assembly and banding of the EZ-BULK IBC container for storage or shipment.