Liquid bulk totes for shampoo

Shampoos, creames, lotions, gels, you name it EZ-BULK disposable totes, EZ-SET bulk liquid totes, and EZ-BULK 48x40 disposable liquid totes can ship them all. Paper Systems has a wide range disposable liquid bulk packaging, with over 100 years of technical support through our sales team, and over 20 years of transporting a wide variety of cosmetics. Call today and we will help you find a perfect fit for your disposable liquid intermediate bulk container needs.

Filling EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Fill fitment on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Filling EZ-BULK intermediate bulk container with 2" fill fitment on food grade inner bag liner

Lid installed on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Banding EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Final assembly and banding of the EZ-BULK bulk liquid container for storage or shipment