Liquid disposable totes for lotions

Hair and skin lotions are made from the finest raw materials, and cosmetic manufacturers do not want their products to be compromised in shipment or in storage. EZ-BULK disposable totes, EZ-SET liquid bulk totes, and EZ-BULK 48x40 disposable liquid bulk containers allow these stringent safety standards to be maintained and exceeded. Paper Systems has a wide range disposable liquid containers and has for years transported a wide variety of cosmetic materials in liquid bulk totes to help companies gain a competitive edge. Call today and we will help you find a perfect fit for your disposable liquid intermediate bulk container needs.

Filling EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Fill fitment on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Filling EZ-BULK intermediate bulk container with 2" fill fitment on food grade inner bag liner

Lid installed on EZ-BULK liquid bulk container
Banding EZ-BULK liquid bulk container

Final assembly and banding of the EZ-BULK liquid bulk container for storage or shipment.