Disposable totes for tomato juice

Tomato juice products have a strict quality standards and a zero tolerance for cross contamination. Whether it is blended, organic, or pure tomato juice, EZ-SET disposable liquid bulk containers allow these stringent standards to be maintained and exceeded while improving production throughput by allowing quicker batch turnaround times within the plant.

collapsible IBC
corrugated liquid tote

Your liquid bulk container solution in EZ-SET is ready to go! Ready to service your needs today and into the future. Liquid bulk container packaging with the customer in mind. Contact Paper Systems today.

Corrugated liquid tote
liquid bulk container

Around the block or around the world, EZ-SET disposable totes help your company keep your production team moving along with quicker turnaround on orders to keep your customers happy. Call today for further details on how EZ-SET liquid totes can help compliment your 55 gallon drum shipments for years to come.