Intermediate bulk containers for grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice manufacturers know the need to be efficient and cost competitive in the markets they serve. EZ-SET liquid IBC packaging helps grapefruit juice manufacturers achieve this goal. Efficient, cost competitive to 55 gallon drums, while being labor saving and increasing throughput is what EZ-SET bulk liquid totes are all about.

collapsible IBC
corrugated liquid tote

If you are ready to do away with the labor intensive nature of 55 gallon drums, tracking, clean out, disposal, and cross contamination then we have bulk container solutions for you. Call today to start saving with EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk containers tomorrow!

Corrugated liquid tote
corrugated disposable totes

Ready to fill and ready to store, EZ-SET liquid bulk totes help both processor and end users benefit in may ways from higher throughput to warehouse savings. We are ready to help you make the seamless transition from 55 gallon drums to the EZ-SET bulk liquid container solution. Contact us today for further details.