Liquid bulk containers for cranberry juice

Sales continue to grow with soybean oil processors after finding the numerous benefits of EZ-SET disposable liquid totes. Soybean oil markets have strict quality standards and a zero tolerance for cross contamination. Whether it is blended, organic, or other grades of oils, EZ-SET disposable liquid bulk containers allow these stringent standards to be maintained and exceeded while improving production throughput by allowing quicker batch turnaround times within the plant.

collapsible IBC
corrugated liquid tote

See the difference with EZ-SET liquid intermediate bulk containers and watch your sales grow - contact today!

Corrugated liquid tote
liquid bulk container

Stackable and robust design allows EZ-SET liquid totes to be stored safely in a warehouse and handle the rigors of domestic or export transport. Let us help you navigate bulk liquid packaging successfully to let your company reap the benefits of EZ-SET bulk shipping totes.