Information on how to save space compared to 55-gallon drum dimensions

Many companies use 55-gallon drums for their packing or storing of raw materials or finished goods.  Liquid applications are as wide as the markets served by the manufacturers.  All companies strive to maximize warehouse space, but a 55-gallon drum dimension is the same either empty or full.  How does a company save valuable space?  

The answer is EZ-SET 275 gallon corrugated bulk container system.  The collapsible liquid bulk container solution arrives completely flat saving over a typical 55-gallon drum dimension. A truckload of empty drums would be full with 240 drums giving you a shipping capacity of 13,200 gallons.  EZ-SET arrives flat in a truckload allowing 312 units which give you 85,800 gallons of shipping capacity.  The savings is over 84% space savings which lead to freight savings but also critical warehouse space savings as well.

Further savings come in the form of lighter tare weight when you compare 5 drums to 1 EZ-SET 275-gallon disposable container system.  A typical 55-gallon drum weight is 60 pounds for a steel drum.  Add this up by 5 and you get 300 lbs of tare weight compared to only 80 lbs for EZ-SET.  That is a savings of over 70% in tare weight which leads to even more savings.

By having more product per skid and taking up less space, you can load a truck faster and your customer can unload the shipment quicker as well.   Since a barrel size allows only 4 on 1 skid that limits space and creates for more pallets to be handled during the loading or unloading process.  EZ-SET solves that problem as well.  Give us a call today for your liquid bulk container solution.


275 gallon EZ-SET collapsible bulk container
EZ-SET liquid bulk container ready to ship