Comparing bulk packaging to a 55-gallon barrel

Bulk packaging has many advantages over 55-gallon barrels.  Both are liquid shipping containers.  Both have different purposes.  The 55-gallon barrel can be used multiple times. However, 55-gallon barrels must be cleaned before being used again in food uses. Cleaning drums is costly. Then you have to add the cost of tracking the drums to find out which ones are clean and which ones are still dirty.  Added freight cost is also involved in returning the 55-gallon barrels back to their original location.  All of this adds up to more paperwork for both customer and supplier.

Disposable totes are used only once before they are recycled.  Paper Systems has bulk packaging that does not have to be returned.  This type of bulk packaging has been around for over 30 years and is an industry standard.  More and more companies use bulk packaging.  It helps companies do more with fewer people and have a greater volume of shipments on a daily basis.  All of our liquid bulk containers are approved for the transport of non-hazardous products both locally and overseas.  The liquid bulk totes have an outer cardboard box.  The inside is an interior food-grade liner. The liquid plastic liner protects the liquid and ensures safe transport and storage.  All of the bulk packaging is made with the highest quality standards of BRC certified packaging.  

More Product Can Fit on a Skid

disposable tote will save you time and warehouse space. Four of the 55-gallon drums can fit on one skid. The bulk packaging container can have a capacity of 330 gallons on one skid.  This equals 1.5 skids of drums vs. 6 55 gallon barrel capacity of the EZ-SET bulk packaging.   This means significant space savings, freight savings, and improved production time for both producer and consumer.

More Volume Can Fit in a Disposable Tote

Here is another way to put the space savings.  Paper Systems has disposable liquid storage totes in various sizes. One EZ-SET bulk packaging tote can hold the same volume as six 55 gallon barrels.  This reduces filling time and reduces clean-up after each bulk container is filled.

Quicker loading and Unloading

More products can be loaded and unloaded from a truck in less time.  This means more volume fits into each disposable tote.  One 55 gallon drum is only 1/6th shipping capacity of a 330-gallon liquid container system.  Overall easier tracking by using totes compared to drums.

Faster Filling and Reduced Handling

Since each bulk packaging container transports more product, draining a disposable tote is quicker than 55-gallon drums. You save time emptying a disposable tote as it can drain completely all at once.  No stopping and starting as you have with 55-gallon drums.  You will reduce 5 changeouts per 330-gallon disposable tote.  This leads to less cleaning of equipment.  This labor savings leads to less downtime within your plant. A tote eliminates multiple drain cycles as well.  Higher throughput means higher production.  This all helps your company have more profits.

Liquid shipping containers fill easily