Bag in Box

Bag in Box (BiB) packaging systems describe a form of liquid bulk packaging in which a heavy-duty plastic liner fits inside a rigid box. The plastic liners are sometimes referred to as bladders and are designed to be removable and recyclable by end-users.

Producers of liquid bulk materials purchase the bags empty and fill them with their product. The filled bags are placed in the box for shipping. End users may empty the bags and recycle them. The outer, corrugated EZ-BULK is recyclable and biodegradable. The outer container associated with the composite EXO-BIN is returnable and reusable.

By using bag in box systems, producers of liquid bulk items are able to reduce freight costs and warehouse storage space, and may also reduce labor costs due to the ease of assembly and disassembly.

Bag in box liquid totes may be used for a variety of liquid bulk packaging applications including food products, oils, dairy products, inks, paints, soaps and adhesives.

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Why Paper Systems?
Reduce and Recycle
This one's easy — less in, less out. Our source reductive packaging makes it easier for you to recycle, dispose or incinerate after use. Our bag liners use over 90% less plastic than polyethylene drums and our corrugated systems use 50% less corrugated material than the competition.
Assemble With Ease
One person, one minute. That's all it takes to assemble EZ-BULK and EZ-DRAIN products. And our light-weight and OSHA approved designs make assembly worker-friendly for all production personnel.
Reduce Shipping Costs
EZ-BULK totes have the lightest tare weight in the industry. Less weight equals less shipping costs. And because our products ship flat, more units can be delivered per truckload, further reducing your freight costs. And our disposable, recyclable totes completely eliminates return freight costs.
Save Warehouse Space
EZ-BULK gives you space, Our products arrive flat, and will take up to 90% less space than drums or rigid packaging.
Lower Initial Cost
Fewer raw materials means less cost to you and your customers. EZ-BULK is source reductive, meaning we use fewer raw materials in our product designs, reducing costs making Paper Systems less susceptible to the ever changing pricing of raw materials. This means more green for everyone — the environment wins and our customers keep money in their pockets.
Experience Personal Service
When you call Paper Systems, you talk to a person. If you send an email you get a response within 12 hours or less. Our customer service is not out-sourced. We have customer service representatives ready to help you with your EZ-BULK solutions.
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